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Poly Max Extremes™ FAQ'S
Q. How does it work?

PME's remove up to 1,000 rpm's from your drive. Less back spin means more ground roll forward on all drives.

Q. How are Poly Max Extremes applied?
PME's come in a  fast peel n stick application,and remove easily. Its also recommended to remove them after a few rounds of golf and replaced with a fresh new PME. Trim to club face.

Q. Do Poly Max fall off after striking a ball?
No Poly Max Extremes remain on till you remove them.

Q. I notice Fantastic distance right away while using Poly Max, How does such a thin material work so well?
PME's were designed  to work together with the sweet spot of your clubs, The Poly Max Extreme material, is trade secretely formulated for extreme cushioning and even distribution for a faster rebound every time.

Q. I've had great success using Poly Max, but find they work the best on my driver, do you make them for putters also?
PME's were designed for drivers and fairway woods but can also be used on Irons as well, alittle trimming may be needed. We don't make them for putters because nobody needs a long hitting putter.

Q. Do Poly Max come in different colors like Wrap-Guard?
No PME's come in a discreet clear so that no distractions or attention is drawn to your clubs.

Wrap-Guard™ FAQ'S
Q. Does Wrap-Guard leave any residue when removed from clubs?

No, although removing Wrap-guard in a fast fashion can leave pieces, which are still easily removed.

Q. Will my customers feel a difference when hitting a demo club?
No, Wrap-guard is very thin and light, and does not affect any performance of the club or ball.

Q. Is it easier to install than traditional ugly masking tape?
Yes! Wrap-guard only takes a few seconds to install, compared to masking tape, which takes minutes.

Q. Will it fit over size drivers and irons?
Yes! Wrap-Guard Polyshields come in standard Extra Large for maximum coverage. Wrap-guard was designed to cover any club size or shape.

Q. Can wrap-guard be used on the bottom of the club?
Yes! If your using XLW's use an extra XLW to cover the bottom in a way were contact is going to occur its very easy to do and requires no special application. We also recommend doubling up for added protection. 

Q. Do you also carry Wrap-guard Polyshields for left hand clubs?
Yes! The only clubs we do not have protection for is putters but the good news is we're working on it. Putters come in so many variations plus they sustain very little damage in retail shops and outdoors.

Q. Your products must be expensive because of the superior protection?
Our products are made from the toughest cost effective poly film from which we exclusively manufacture into products for indoor retailers and outdoor golfers. Therefore your savings are going to be greatly increased, mere pennies for usage and our look and protection compared to masking tape is priceless.

" Wow Layerco, you guys are just to cool!!!!!for yourselfs, I like golf,but I got to say I really enjoy it now because of Poly Max and its ability to slam my ball down the fairway with ease,I still don't know how it works but it does and thats all I care about . If it wasn't for your product I think I would have hanged up golfing forever."

Thanks Anthony Kaites - Baldwin Park, California.

 " I know of a few PGA Pros that are  secretly using this product and nobody can tell there using them on there conforming clubs , its an invisible steroid thats undetectable unless you really look for it, Poly Max really do kick ass on the golf course,best golf product I,ve ever seen".

John Taylor - From USA.

"Layerco I was at my local driving range the other day and tried out your Poly Max,before I knew it people stopped hitting there balls to watch me crush them against the fence,even the range manager .I got to admit I got alittle nervous there for awhile but my confidence level went right thru the roof, hit after hit. I passed out your product and everyone was hitting the fence.No damn PGA instructor can teach us that" .

Allen Huen - Dallas, Texas

My golf game has improved 100%,since I have been training with the Impacts.I easily remember where to stand with each of my clubs,they are incredible little teachers,I recommend them to all my friends except my skins players.

Valerie Roland - Long Island, New York

It shows when I mess up,to go forward in my stance or backup .

Chris Lavenhook - Cleveland, Ohio

It makes you a better golfer,and nobody knows your training with them,they are remarkable.

John Raven - Iceland



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