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Poly Max Extremes in the News.

2023  Layerco and Poly Max Extremes continues it's worldwide tour.

April 2023  Layerco introduces new water tight pouches.

August 2021  Layerco and Poly Max Extremes Celebrating 15 Years.

March 2017  Poly Max Extremes auditioned on Shark Tank, #234.

December 2016  Layerco and Poly Max Extremes Celebrating 10 Years.

January 2010  Poly Max Extremes is now popular on Asia's #1 Search engine www.Naver.co.kr

November 2009  2009  Poly Max Extremes out drives Golf Laboratories Robot  by 7 yards on side by side comparisons testing using a driver and 17 yards using a 5 iron. Poly Max Extremes delivered faster velocity and a higher launch angle test after test.

March 2009  Poly Max Extremes show cases at  Kogolf,  South Korea’s largest golf trade show at the COEX convention & exhibition. Distribution Represented by Pixma Golf Inc.

February 2009 Layerco Grants Pixma Golf USA a licensing agreement to sell & distribute Poly Max Extremes in Asia through 2016.

January 2009 Comedian Bil Dwyer & film production studios drinks at six, produce a Poly Max Extremes short film honoring the new product & its devastating effects on a golf ball.

December 2008 Tee it up radio show am 570 in Los Angeles California invites Poly Max Extremes Inventor in the studio as a live 2 hour guest following Donald Trumps visit a week before.

November 2008 US Patent Office issues Trademark name Poly Max Extremes.

October 2008 Poly Max Extremes show cases at the Southern California Golf Show. (Sold Out)

September 2008 Poly Max Extremes debuts at the Los Angeles County Fair (Sold Out)

May 2008 United States Patent and Trademark Office Grants Poly Max Extremes a foreign filling license authorizing the export and filing of corresponding foreign applications.

May 2008 United States Patent and Trademark Office  issues Poly Max Extremes an undisclosed according patent application serial number allowing for Layerco to remain under a trade secret product within the company.

January 2008 US Patent Office issues Poly Max Extremes Trade mark “How Far Do You Want to go!”

July 2007 Media Corp LLC, Produces an infomercial for the golf channel All Poly Max Extremes. (Sold out)

May 2007 Nike Inc tries to stop the sales & distribution of Poly Max Extremes Stating infringement violations. The Walker Law Firm settles dispute and corrects all actions clearing Poly Max Extremes for distribution.

May 2007 Layerco retains the Professional services of The Walker Law Firm for Patents Trademarks & Copyrights for Poly Max Extremes.

APRIL 2007 John Strege Author of Tiger Woods and senior editor of Golfword Magazine acknowledge and plug’s Poly Max Extremes in its April issue, demands for Poly Max Extremes go thru the roof.

September 2006 USGA Tries to stop the production of Poly Max Extremes asking Layerco to destroy all of its products, as it is a non conforming golf product. Layerco tells the USGA It’s a consumer decision to use it for fun or during tournaments.

August 2006 Sales of Poly Max Extremes begins, a thin clear adhesive that becomes impossible to detect on any driver face while at the same time adding 20% more distance and eliminating slices and hooks. Samples & Test marketing begin.

March 2009
South Korea’s COEX Convention & Exhibition

Watch Video, Applying Poly Max Extremes

PME's are fast and easy to use they come in an easy peel & stick application with no residue and remove easily. They are discreet & clear, each Poly Max will last several rounds of competitive golf. Designed exclusively for all drivers & woods, you can use them on your
long Irons as well.




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