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Poly Max Instructions
Place Poly Max on driver face and trim exactly to faceplate.
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How to apply Poly Max Extremes to your driver face. 1.2 Million YouTube Views

Wrap-Guard Instructions
Driver/Fairway & Iron/Wedges protectors

Our Wrap-Guard protectors for Driver/Fairway and Iron/Wedges comes complete in a one-piece application.

Unlike ghost tape which uses several rolls of tape (one roll for the top, one roll for the face, and one roll for the bottom).

1st, Our Wrap-Guard contains 25 clear covers in easy to open packages, not bulky pull out rolls. Wrap-Guard covers the top, face & bottom using the same Wrap-Guard design with hardly any need for trimming.

The 2nd best thing about Wrap-Guard is that it applies faster and in less time needed. We don't make them for putters because nobody needs a long hitting putter.

How to Apply Wrap-Guard:
Peel-away the liner and apply the Guard to the Driver or Iron face and fold around the whole perimeter.

Wrap-Guard can withstand up to 100 hits before needing a fresh cover. Trimming your guards for the fairway woods is usually best for presentation.

It’s always recommended to:

  1. Apply to a clean Driver/Iron head
  2. Center on sweet spots and rub outward with your thumbs for fewer bubbles.
  3. Fold outside edges down away from the face all around the whole club head.
  4. Rub firmly to secure a good hold.
  5. Trimming with a blade maybe necessary for some club heads.
  6. Any residue can be easily removed using goo gone.



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