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Poly Max Extremes™
May 5th, 2007

What makes Our Poly Max Extremes™ Work?

The United States Golf Association, requires that club heads be "plain in shape" to be accepted for pro or amateur tournament play under USGA guidelines. Words like spring-effect, trampoline-effect, face-flex, rebound-effect, just to name a few are the names given to non conforming clubs because of there design advantage over regular conforming clubs.        

Layerco’s research and development lab is producing new golf products beyond today's boundaries that recreation golfers look for.        

Our products turn ordinarily conforming clubs into super hitting non conforming clubs with out the price tag .Sound confusing? We’ve turned our technologies and innovations into helping all public-links players and private-club players find their inner strength and helping to get that ball launched off the tee.

We're bringing a little bit of a different attitude to golf, at the same time respecting the game. For Layerco we are a traditional company, and we're not trying to stretch boundaries for our consumers and players. Players buy about $1.4 billion worth of clubs a year from golf retailers and specialty stores many of which are non conforming, it’s not a trend it’s about getting the ball in the hole.        

Our Poly Max Extremes™ products absorb some of the shock the ball endures when struck by the club. When that happens, the ball does not compress as much as it would with a traditional face, creating more energy to spring the ball forward. Hence, greater distances with Poly Max Extremes™. Simply stated, the less energy lost at impact, the faster the ball comes off the clubface and the greater distance it will travel.         

Our products are quickly becoming the replacement for all conforming clubs that need a power boost . Again simply stated, Our Poly Max Extremes™ are restricting the golf clubs energy, not enhancing it.         

Our mission is to protect the game. A game requires a set of rules or it's no longer a game. The use of non conforming products is prohibited by the U.S.G.A and its rules.     

Play hard and enjoy. 

All Layerco Products are Amendment I protected. The U S supreme court  has final mendment on all Layerco Products bearing any adversment demed business copyright and patentable abridging grievances.



" Layerco you guys just keep getting  better  and your products say alot about your organization Your new Poly Max are incredible to use thanks again."

Peter Graham, Miami Florida

"I could not believe what Poly Max was doing to my old driver, my friends were quitetly studying the way I was driving the ball down the fairway right past them. Its great to be the king for a change, awesome product" 

Allen Parker, New York

" My friends laughed at me when I put it on my driver, they stopped laughing when I out drove them at every long hole.I kicked there butts all day long! thank you, thank you, thank you" 

Jeff A Hanson, Laughlin Arizona



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